Have you ever been so tired but want to go some more?

Thanks for praying… it was an awesome day!

Here are some highlights in pictures.  We love you… enjoy them…

IMG_4027Missionary Doug ministering to this man whose wife was bitten by a snake.  Continue to pray for him….



Later, Mike found him on the street and shared words of encouragement with a small reminder that Jesus must be first, and “yo segundo” (I am second).







IMG_4104Pray for Darla Miller as she ministers to the children in a beautiful way.

Of course… Susie does a great job as wellIMG_4100







Manuel is such a big teddy bear.  Thanks Manuel



IMG_4076Pray for Eliseo, the 17 year old who translates from Spanish to Mayan.  Agree with Father that he be the leader of that young Mayan church.