It is Thursday morning… Yesterday was our last day spent at Chanchen.  Something wants to hold you back screaming “there’s still more to do”… people, faces, hunger… I can definitely understand a bit more of what Jesus told His disciples, “pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields”  IMG_4628IMG_4549IMG_4535






We finished yesterday setting up a total of 6 stoves.  At each place we had the opportunity to share the gospel.  Gregorio has been helping setting up stoves now for a year, and over a hundred stoves later, there are several families now that gather at ‘mooch-tambal’ to hear God’s story.

Ask Father to clarify the vision to the Chanchen leaders to create discipleship that multiplies.

Agree with Father that he wants the 1400 habitats to come to repentance, and have eternal life with Him.

Ask Him for our safe return back to Kerrville.

We are happy that you have a heart for reaching the ends of the world.