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Prayer for the New Year

by Ben

Dear God, Thank You that You make all things new. Thank You for all that You’ve allowed into our lives this past year, the good along with the hard things, which have reminded us how much we need You and rely on Your presence filling us every single day. We pray for Your Spirit to […]

Chanchen Wednesday

by Ben

It is Thursday morning… Yesterday was our last day spent at Chanchen.  Something wants to hold you back screaming “there’s still more to do”… people, faces, hunger… I can definitely understand a bit more of what Jesus told His disciples, “pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send […]

Chanchen Sunday-Monday

by Ben

I failed to share an important word for us.  We learned it the first day we went to Chanchen.  It’s a word that sounds like “mooch-tuhmbal”.  It means “a gathering”.  Very interesting… they call worship celebration, the gathering.  That is just too organic. The reason why I wanted to share that word is because today […]

Chanchen Saturday

by Ben

Have you ever been so tired but want to go some more? Thanks for praying… it was an awesome day! Here are some highlights in pictures.  We love you… enjoy them… Missionary Doug ministering to this man whose wife was bitten by a snake.  Continue to pray for him….     Later, Mike found him […]

Why You Need a Small Group

by Ben

In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram. Propterea sicut per unum hominem in hunc mundum peccatum intravit et per peccatum mors et ita in omnes homines mors pertransiit in quo omnes peccaverunt. Iustificati igitur ex fide pacem habeamus ad Deum per Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum. Omnes enim peccaverunt et egent gloriam Dei.