You’ll know when you meet Jesus.  You probably heard about him, maybe even read some of what he said.  O, but when you meet him…

He knows you inside out, sees your thoughts and finds you when you hide.  He is the One historians could not deny, prophets spoke about and inspired poems and songs to make him known.

The Bible says that Jesus is God’s only begotten Son.  Since God amazingly loves human beings, He was willing to do whatever it took to make the way for us to reconnect with Him.  We, humans tried – through religions, good deeds, etc.  Yet, while we are still stain by our own wrong decisions, we cannot connect with Him.  You see, it is our own selfish actions, as small as they appear, that keep us from connecting with Him.

Here’s God’s amazing love displayed in full – He would send Jesus, His only begotten Son, to be blamed and condemned to death in order for us to reconnect with Him.  In other words, Jesus died for my wrong actions… and yours.  As wild as it may seem… but that was the only way, God’s way.

It takes something from you part though.  You must accept Jesus Christ as your Redeemer, Savior and Lord, and trust your life completely in His hands.  Speak the words in your mind.  Make them yours! — “God, I know I’ve done shameful things. Forgive me.  I know I need You in my life.  I want to start over with You.  I want Your Son, Jesus Christ in my life.  I receive Him, confess Him as Savior and King, and trust Him with my life.  Help me to live a life that connects with You.  Thank You!”

It’s not over.  Your life must make a turn in direction.

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